Opening an SI Staffing franchise is a great way to start a business while helping others in your community. Like any new business, a significant investment is required to ensure you start off strong. However, the cost of opening an SI Staffing franchise is lower than you might have guessed. We estimate that the total investment in one of our franchises starts at around $70,000 – of course, that figure could easily be higher depending on the size and location of your territory. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key expenses included in your total initial investment.

One-Time Franchise Fee

The one-time franchise fee associated with opening an SI Staffing franchise is $35,000. This fee is one of the most important parts of our staffing franchise cost because it helps to offset some of the expenses associated with your onboarding and training.  Some prospective franchisees wonder why they should opt to franchise when they could avoid the franchise fee by going it alone. When you open an SI Staffing franchise, you won’t just have the rights to operate under our brand name. We provide you with training and guidance throughout the whole process, helping you to open and start growing without wasting any time. Independent business owners need to spend months, even years, figuring out for themselves how to do business most efficiently. Your franchise fee buys you access to a time-tested system so you can hit the ground running.

Rent, Utilities, and Improvements

Another important staffing franchise cost is finding the perfect location and getting it ready for business. This cost will vary depending on many factors, like the location of your storefront, the cost of the monthly lease, and the condition it’s in when you acquire it. On the low end, we estimate that these costs will be around $2,000, and you’ll make payment directly to your landlord, utility providers, and any necessary contractors. Your location is the face of your business and is the place job seekers and employers alike will turn to for your services. We’ve established a few guidelines for all of our SI Staffing franchise locations, and we’ll provide you with information on how to get your location looking great and in-line with our standards.

Market Introduction Program

Every business owner knows that marketing is crucial to their success, especially during the early days of a new venture. We’ve built a market introduction program into our staffing franchise cost so that franchisees can plan on implementing a targeted marketing campaign. Because every territory is different, we entrust our franchisees with the task of coming up with a market introduction plan of their own. Using our marketing materials, they’ll get the word out about their new business through a variety of channels. We’ll review it and provide feedback if necessary. We estimate that the costs associated with implementing their market introduction program will start at around $5,000.

These are just a few of the key costs associated with opening an SI Staffing franchise. To learn more about the investment, contact us today and request a copy of our franchise disclosure document!