There are a variety of franchise options available to business-minded entrepreneurs, but which sector and organization are best for them? Finding the right kind of business for your traits and abilities is even more crucial for long-term sustainability than making the desired amount of money. Here are three motivations for starting a low-cost recruitment franchise for business owners that are passionate about both people and business:

Ideal Business Type for a Franchisee.

What kind of franchise would be best for you? Why choose a staffing franchise when there are franchises available for almost every kind of business? A person who is passionate about working with people and finding them great talent or top career opportunities is a good fit for this type of organization.

As a business owner, managing a recruitment franchise on a daily basis is different from managing a fast food restaurant or cleaning service. This is a workplace run by professionals with a business mindset who are also skilled in human resources. Days will be spent meeting and conversing with candidates and companies in an effort to connect top talent with top employment opportunities and meet both sides’ temporary labor needs.

Do you find it satisfying when a top talent prospect is matched with a developing business? Would discussing workforce requirements with a leading regional company be a stimulating discussion? Helping businesses find, hire, support, and keep top people seems exciting, don’t you think? Basically, the routine labor must fit a franchisee’s skills, preferences, and abilities.

Expanding franchise market.

Many reputable sites, like in an article titled “The Franchise Industry has Gotten More Good News,” written on March 15th, 2016, agree that the franchise industry’s future is promising. According to the article:

“Despite concerns of a recession, one industry is positioned for another year of strong growth in 2016… According to a report by the International Franchise Association, the franchise market is predicted to rise by 1.7 percent in 2016 thanks to trends like an acceleration in company investment.

This is a constant pattern, and long-term growth trends are solid investments because it is the same level of growth the industry had in 2015. It doesn’t follow that every franchise opportunity will find a lucrative market or expand to the desired size, but with good judgment and discernment, a thriving franchise firm can be created. The article continues:

“This year’s predicted rise of 1.7 percent will bring the overall number of franchises in the United States to 795,932…

Additionally, it predicted that the recruitment agency franchise sector will contribute $554 billion in total GDP, up from $523 billion in 2015. Since 2010, the index has increased every year.

Staffing Agency Franchise Opportunity

There’s no doubt that now is a great time to break into the staffing industry. However, in a market that seems dominated by giant corporations, it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to know where to start. SI Staffing offers a rare staffing agency franchise opportunity to qualified investors, and we’re looking to expand our brand across the country! Let’s take a closer look at this exciting franchise offering.

The Staffing Industry is Booming

Businesses like ours that connect job seekers with temporary employment have been around for decades because we provide a necessary service. Businesses are always in need of temporary help – whether it’s because of an existing employee leaving unexpectedly or a sudden surge of customers, they need extra hands on deck now and don’t have time to work through the hiring process. On the other hand, job seekers are also in need of immediate assistance. They need to bring home a paycheck and are willing to try their hand at different jobs to earn it. Not only is investing in a staffing agency a smart business decision, it’s a great way to help those in your community who need it the most.

Because we provide necessary services to both of these parties, our industry tends to do well even in times of economic downturn. Our industry bounced back quickly after the 2009 recession and is currently performing even better than it did before. The global staffing market generated more than $400 billion in 2017, and that figure is projected to keep growing in the future. The temporary staffing market in the United States alone is predicted to grow 3% in 2019.

These figures demonstrate that the staffing industry provides in-demand services that are being utilized more than ever, and there is plenty of room for newcomers to make their mark by finding the right staffing agency franchise opportunity.

Why SI Staffing Franchise?

If you’re looking for a staffing agency franchise for sale in your area, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t many staffing franchise brands like ours. Our industry is mainly served by large corporate brands. While these might be great companies to work for, entrepreneurs are always looking for the opportunity to start their own business. Partnering with SI Staffing Franchise is a great way to break into the industry by building your own business while still enjoying the benefits of our years of experience. Your intimate knowledge of your community will give you an edge that’s hard for the big guys to replicate. For more than 15 years we’ve been connecting job seekers and employers, and we want to give our franchisees the inside scoop.

Up until now, we’ve kept the secrets of our time-tested business model a secret, but now for the first time ever we’re opening up our brand to franchise investors. We’ve developed a comprehensive training program along with a host of resources that are designed to make the process of entering the industry as simple as possible. Recruitment agencies franchise opportunities are few and far between, and SI Staffing Franchise stands out from the rest.

Want to learn more about our staffing agency franchise opportunity? Explore the rest of our website to learn more about what we have to offer!