5 Staffing Industry Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


  1. Staffing Industry has a long history

The birth of the industry dates back to the 1940s’.  During WWII, many positions were vacated because people were joining the military.  With so many vacancies, it created the need for staffing agencies.


  1. The Staffing Industry is larger than you could think.

Staffing agencies are one of the fastest-growing industries in B2B services. And what is more important – their popularity only continues to grow. Every day, the staffing industry employs three million applicants to different places! Virtually every place that people work, staffing employees are on the job.

As we know, many companies have their HR departments. Their task is to find qualified candidates for the open position. So, why some of them want to hire a staffing agency? Well, there are lots of reasons for it. First of all, some companies are looking for someone to take a short-time position. It can take several weeks or even months for HR to find an employee on short notice and to interview them. So, it is easier and faster to hire a staffing company. In a couple of days, they would send you a qualified worker to your job site.

What is more, many companies need to see how the person works before inviting him or her to a full-time position. And again – the staffing industry resolves this problem in the best way.  Don’t worry about how challenging your request is. Staffing companies have the experience and many qualified candidates to find a fit for your need.


  1. This industry is an essential part of a shift.

The monopoly of long-term, salaried, full-time jobs came to an end for many Americans. Temporary and contract work is here to stay. Here is an interesting fact: 40% of the workforce consists of contingent workers? It means – freelancers, temporary employees, contract workers, or consultants. Flexibility staffing provides companies a competitive edge. Companies are placing an increased premium on a more flexible and agile workforce, and staffing plays a vital role in that strategy.


  1. Staffing helps candidates get permanent jobs.

We all understand that temporary jobs are not the end line for many people. But many workers use this experience to obtain their permanent positions.  They create new connections, learn new skills gained during the temp jobs. That makes them more employable.


  1. The staffing industry has room to grow

They are always in high demand, even in times of economic uncertainty. And what about America’s economy? Is that industry good for it? The practice shows that nowadays, it is an essential industry. Why? It provides big support for businesses. What is more – it gives opportunities and flexibility even for employees. Our economy doesn’t stop evolving. Its core consists of information and connectivity. The staffing industry is prepared to provide the vital support businesses need to grow and prosper.


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