What is an FDD? Walking Through the Franchise Disclosure Document

One of the crucial checkpoints of operating your own SI Staffing franchise location is acquiring, exploring, and signing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Potential investors who have not considered the world of franchising might not be all that familiar with this document, so we have gone ahead and summarized some essential details for you. From in-depth details of franchise support to financial obligations, the FDD tackles an incredible amount of talking points that might come up in the process. Before identifying those sections and discussing what they will include, we will break down the basics of an FDD. If you are interested in a franchising venture or would like to discover what this document contains, please read along. 


Document Basics:


For investors who want to make sure that a company is a good fit for a franchise opportunity, the FDD has always been the best way to get those answers. The Franchise Disclosure Document is presented to the franchisee well before signing the franchise agreement in an effort to supply you with all the information you need before making a decision. Each section is broken down into ‘Items’ which each cover a separate topic. This legal document has an Index that highlights each Item and the topics that will be addressed in the entirety of the resource. In addition to that, to make sure you understand each section, we will go over any parts of the FDD that may cause confusion or that require a greater explanation. 


Items 1-2 Learning About Franchisor


The first sections of any FDD usually include a detailed history of the Franchisor and what affiliations they have with potential parent companies or affiliates. We provide this so you have a better sense of all the players involved in an SI Staffing franchise. Another section provided to all franchisees breaks down each of the key team members that have brought SI Staffing to what it is today. This section is an excellent way for franchisees to educate themselves on the make-up of our company and our founder’s responsibilities to the brand. 


Items 5-7 Applicable Fees


When it comes to expenditures made by the franchisee, the most important sections include Items 5-7. Although we do highlight each of the fees that go into making a franchise investment on our franchise website, these Items give greater context to each individual fee that is included. This includes due dates for each payment along with the amount and any other notes regarding the fees. 


Item 11 SI Staffing Franchise Training and Support


The beauty of a franchise investment is the ability to sign up for a business management opportunity without the requirement of a certain professional background to do so. Every Franchise Disclosure Document should provide a detailed explanation of the franchise support that the Franchisor will implement. For the SI Staffing franchise, we highlight each of the ways we make our franchisee’s experience easy with pre-opening and ongoing franchise training and support. We will also help you identify which computer systems will help make your managing your business simple on a daily basis.  


Would you like to learn more about an FDD, franchise support or anything at all regarding an SI Staffing franchise? Please, feel free to contact us today