How Owning a Franchise Is Like Owning an English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is a large dog with a massive body and a broad skull with ancestors dating back 5,000 years. A franchise is a right or a license given to market a company’s goods and services in a specific area. Surprisingly, when you raise the pup and purchase the franchise, these two things have a great deal in common.

The Purchase

You purchase your English Mastiff from a reputable breeder. You have never owned a Mastiff before, and in fact, you have never owned a dog, so you are a bit nervous. A thousand queries are running through your head like what should you feed the dog, how you will care for it, what will you do if the dog gets sick? Regardless of these concerns, you press forward knowing that help is available from the breeder, the vet, and friends and family.

Just like the Mastiff, you have never owned a franchise before. Staffing franchise ownership is unknown territory, and you are anxious but excited. However, you know the franchise’s operating standards have a proven record, and plenty of expert guidance is available. You are not alone when owning a Sstaffing franchise.

The Mastiff Grows and Your Franchise Expands

Your Mastiff is getting big. This breed can reach 300 lbs. and the thought has you asking questions and possibly rethinking your decision to purchase an English Mastiff. Your lovable canine soon becomes so big you have trouble seeing around it. It is not only blocking your vision, but the dog is taking over your life.

The English Mastiff is not the only thing growing and expanding. Your new franchise is taking off, and you are growing your business. Now, the franchise is on your mind blocking your vision and taking over your life much like your beloved Mastiff. The constant worrying is endless, and you wonder if owning a business or a dog is worth it.

Managing the Franchise and the Mastiff

At this point, you decide to take the advice of the professionals. Vets, breeders, even friends who own dogs offer you all kinds of good advice on managing your English Mastiff. You decide to quit letting the dog pull you around, and instead, you take control. You can now see where you are heading, and you have the power to steer the Mastiff in the direction you desire.

You begin to follow the effective franchise business model and advice of fellow franchisees to implement short and long-term business strategies. You welcome the guidance you receive, including sales strategy and business management. You appreciate the network of SIS franchise owners who help you find solutions as you effectively manage your franchise.

A Thriving Business and a Happy Dog

The English Mastiff is fully grown, and the two of you are the best of friends. The work you have put into raising and training your pet is paying off. The dog is disciplined and obedient and is behaving exactly how you envisioned things. Your franchise, too, is running like a well-oiled machine. You are ecstatic about the opportunity your staffing franchise gives you to help others in your community. Buying the dog and owning a staffing franchise are excellent decisions, and you are proud of yourself.

Ready to Start Your Adventure in Staffing Franchising?

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