Why a Medical Staffing Franchise is a Savvy Business Investment


Sometimes you don’t know a great opportunity until it’s staring you straight in the face! SI Staffing has a compelling medical staffing franchise investment for entrepreneurial-minded investors looking to own their own business. This industry has seen incredible projections for growth and revenue over the past couple of years– therefore, we believe this model’s spin to finding employment has the ability to be an industry mainstay. Let’s discover why we think medical staffing franchises could be a hot investment that you should look into! 


Projected Medical Staffing Market Growth 


Out of the variety of industries every SIS franchise works with, we take incredible pride in our involvement with the medical healthcare sector. Our goal is to fill this workforce with qualified and excited candidates that can fulfill the needs of our clients. It also helps that this industry has seen incredible demand for this service that could be quite sustainable for the near future. Estimates show that the global healthcare staffing market was valued at over $29 billion in 2019. According to further research, there was a major shortage of workers in this industry that was estimated at over 7 million workers across the globe in 2013. SI Staffing is continually working on improving our methods of finding the best match for both job seekers and employers in the healthcare industry to prevent such shortages from negatively impacting the communities we serve.


Staffing Agency Industry Success


An SIS franchise investment does not limit itself to the medical scope of staffing either. Our team works on placing talent in a variety of roles such as engineering, administration, and much more. We have built a temporary staffing solution that is now a gamechanger for the way we look at employment. Temporary and contract staffing agencies like ours have helped place over 15 million employees from 2000-2017. 


What do staffing firms similar to SIS franchise have to gain? The industry created over $144.5 billion in 2017 and is looking to keep trending upward. The SIS franchise experts have worked on evolving our model to surpass industry standards and bring the optimal investment experience to our hungry investors. 


Costs of Investment with an SIS Franchise


Now that we have taken a look at the staffing industry, let’s build a solid understanding of what your financial input looks like when starting a medical staffing franchise. For investors looking into an SIS franchise, you will have to fulfill three key expenses:


  • One-Time Franchise Fee
  • Rent, Utilities, and Improvements 
  • Market Introduction Program 


All three of these play a crucial role in improving the business ownership experience for our investors. The franchise fee is largely designated for your training and support as well as the branding of your business. Rent and utilities will be focused on improving and perfecting your overall location. Finally, your marketing introduction program will focus on improving your brand awareness and pushing your message through a variety of channels. We have built a cost that not only benefits our franchisees’ experience but also cuts unneeded spending in order to tap into our lucrative industry faster. 

Do you still have questions about the medical staffing franchise industry that have gone unanswered? Let our SIS franchise team help you out and contact us today!