Recruit and Sell More With These Communication Techniques

Growing your staffing firm depends on recruiting and selling. When you find, hire and retain qualified employees, you are filling your customer’s needs. Gathering and providing information to prospects and customers allows for career growth opportunities for your workers. To recruit and sell more, you must use effective communication techniques. Communication will help you retain the best workers and customers.

A Mutual Arrangement

Viewing recruitment as a mutual sale between you and a candidate will benefit both of you. Both parties are seeking something. You want the candidate’s skill set and experience while the candidate is seeking income, benefits and opportunities for growth. To make this partnership successful, you must provide clear communication and hopefully, the candidate will reciprocate. Find out candidate career goals and try to align them with the right opportunities.

Keep Communication Familiar

When recruiting and selling, think about your audience and create strategies that make sense. If you are hiring millennials for entry-level roles, focus on smartphone communication techniques such as texting. Mature job candidates will appreciate emails and phone calls for communication.

Be Dependable and Personal

Most job candidates these days expect to receive the typical automated ATS email after applying for a job. This message of thanks is not personal and unfortunately, it is often the last communication candidates have with a company. Be unique. Get in the habit of communicating during the application process, the waiting periods, and the status updates to keep your job candidates updated. Candidates will think of your organization consistently, and they will feel as though you genuinely want them on your team.

Share Pertinent Information

Let the content of your messages depend upon where your candidates are in the hiring process. The candidates may be active, passive or not even candidates yet. Your initial communication should focus on how your organization can benefit a candidate. However, those in the final interviewing stages prefer to receive interview preparation information and insights into the company they will soon be joining. Avoid messaging templates and understand that all candidates are different, so change the content of your communication accordingly.

Avoid One-Sided Communication

A conversation with a candidate is pointless if the candidate cannot communicate back to you. Listening is a critical communication skill, so ensure that your recruiters are listening to candidates. Make sure that all of your communication includes a way for candidates to reach out to you. Leave an email address and phone number on your job descriptions so an applicant can reach out if they have questions. Always be available for questions and share feedback with applicants.

Manage Your Social Media Presence

Always maintain a professional image online and include clear contact information on all platforms. Try to provide social media updates on your customer’s open positions. Always include search engine optimization (SEO) in your job postings to increase your organization’s visibility.

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