What You Need to Know About a Recruitment Franchise

Have you been one of the many people who had their career spark from a quick conversation with a recruiter? The truth is that some people may not know where to find the best career match for them, which is where a recruitment franchise comes in to help. SI Staffing franchise has a clear cut goal, to match job seekers with a career that fits their background and trajectory. We have broken down some of the top subjects you should know regarding the recruitment franchise industry, and why you may want to get involved yourself.


Identifying the Best Matches

The SI Staffing franchise has created a model that helps employers and job seekers alike identify the best matches for them. Whether those positions are long-term placements or quick professional contracts, we are capable of finding the perfect match. Our team is given all the information about open positions, such as the required experience and compensation rate, because of the strong relationships that we have created with our employers. We want to provide each job seeker with all the information they need regarding the logistics of a position so they can make an educated decision on whether or not it would be a good fit for them.


Industries We Cover 

There is a tremendous range of industries in today’s business environment– therefore, the SI Staffing franchise is aware that there are plenty of people out there looking to break into a career with them. Since positions are continually opening, our service has not limited itself to one industry in particular. We try to match job seekers with professional industries such as engineering, healthcare, and even light industrial. Our recruitment franchise looks to come to the assistance of the companies who may be short-handed, while also looking out for the job-seeker who wants a paycheck in an exciting profession. 

Manageable and Turn-Key Investment 

Recruitment and staffing agencies have made quite the splash as an industry creating a projected $167 Billion Industry in 2018 as per ASA, American Staffing Association. What has only complimented that is almost a 5% spike in annual growth since 2014, which has made it clear that the entry price is worth the potential reward. The buy-in cost that it takes to become an investor and franchisee of an SI Staffing franchise is designed to be cost-effective and straightforward. The investment is primarily made up of a franchise fee which covers the onboarding and training. It also gives you the go-ahead to use the SI Staffing franchise brand name and take advantage of ongoing support from a company that has 15 years of experience. The next level of our pricing model comes with any rent, utilities, or location management you may experience. We establish this price point at the start, depending on your unique situation, so you don’t feel blindsided by any unexpected costs. The final aspect of the investment is the marketing introduction program. A recruitment franchise knows how vital outreach is to the success of a business. That is why we provide you with our marketing materials to spread the word about potential new openings or business opportunities. We will help you along the way as well, giving you as much insight from our SI Staffing franchise experts as possible. 


Want to learn more about the SI Staffing franchise experience? Contact us today and we can evaluate if a recruitment franchise is right for you!