How You Can Make a Difference by Opening a Staffing Agency


Finding the ideal landing spot for a qualified candidate is an incredibly fulfilling aspect of our business that cannot be understated. The simplicity of guiding a job seeker to a position that best fits them is rewarding for all parties involved. A staffing agency franchise is a fit for any potential investor looking to make a difference in their community by alleviating the stress of the employment process. Our methods of guiding unemployed candidates to a temporary position can not only help shape the rest of their professional career, but also fulfill our clients needs. Here are a few of the ways staffing franchise companies can make a genuine difference. 


Eliminating Fear of Unemployment

At some point during your professional career,  you may have become familiar with the stressful process of unemployment. There aren’t many feelings quite like staring at the same job posting site for hours trying to identify what position is right for you. In actuality, if you do manage to find that dream position, it’s likely you might not hear back after applying. Unemployment statistics in the United States are constantly fluctuating, but in June of 2019, there was a spike to 3.7 percent unemployment. This is the equivalent of around 6 million in the population without jobs. Business owners of an SI Staffing franchise take pride in trying to bring those percentages to historical lows by placing job seekers in positions that can find them potential future stability. Our staffing solutions aim to identify qualified candidates through advanced searches that meet the needs of potential employers. 


Finding the Right Fit

Finding the bandwidth to siphon through resumes or search for candidates to fill open positions is difficult  to manage for businesses. The goal for a staffing agency franchise is to eliminate the stress of juggling their busy schedule by performing those searches for them. By saving our clients the time spent searching, staffing franchise companies eliminate the need for clients to task in-house employees with finding qualified job-seekers. By working with an SI Staffing franchise, businesses can maximize their overall daily efficiency. Staffing franchise companies find prospects for open positions every day, so our clients have confidence that we will be consistently presenting them with qualified candidates. 


Creating a Network 

Every day there are new positions opening and closing, and not every applicant an SI Staffing franchise finds is going to be the exact fit. An incredible benefit of working with a staffing agency franchise is that we have built an incredible resource of available workers that our clients simply don’t have time to produce. When our clients open up a new position, we can identify in our network of prospects which of them could potentially fit the bill. As opposed to spending months worth of time to create a pool of interested candidates, a staffing agency franchise can pinpoint potential hires in their network in days. By working with an SI Staffing franchise, our clients are networking with qualified job seekers without the pesky legwork needed to do so.  


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