How Much Does a Staffing Franchise Cost?

Accessing your potential investment takes diligence of evaluating what your money will be providing you that a start-up experience might lack. It is also vital to break-down the current state of the industry that you will be entering. A staffing franchise provides you with an exceptional array of resources as well as a booming industry. SI Staffing (SIS) have recently opened up the opportunity for investors who would like to start their own business with minimal risk involved. Read along to see what aspects make up the SI Staffing franchise cost and how involvement in this market could be beneficial for your potential investment.


Industry Status

Before establishing what resources an SIS franchise investment provides you, a diligent investor should research the industry trends. A staffing franchise cost should be an equal representation of where this economic climate seems to be heading, as well as the status of the staffing franchise. When taking a quick review of the recruitment agency industry, you can see some auspicious signs of growth and potential profit. In terms of projected revenue, statistics have shown that in 2019, the industry could accumulate up to $167 Billion industry as stated by the ASA, American Staffing Association. This accompanied with an annual growth of over 4.5% have been some of the reasons investors are excited to be involved in a staffing franchise. Our staffing franchise cost gives investors a great chance to see a return on their investment at a faster rate than an individual start-up.


Franchise Fee

When assessing this potential investment, a franchise candidate should pinpoint the aspects of their money spent that provide them with the most value. The substantial portion of the investment is dedicated to the one-time SIS franchise fee that is required of each of our investors. The return for this segment of the investment includes all rights to operate a business under the SI Staffing franchise name. Also included in this franchise fee is the training and ongoing support you will need through the timeline of your business. A lot of the value that comes with this portion of the investment includes the information you will be receiving from a time-tested model. When you are going into this type of process independently, there is no such guidance and training with information that can drastically change the success of your business. 


Location Expenditures

There is always a chance that when you are setting up the layout of your location that unexpected costs can change your financial planning. The SIS franchise is fully prepared for the expenses it may take to set up your physical location. We included this in the franchise investment so you have all the capital available that may come with rent, utilities, or overall improvements. This money will be provided to your landlord, utility providers, or any other contractors you may bring in to improve your location. 


Marketing Advice 

Branching your product out with a robust marketing plan is crucial to the success of your company. With the help of our materials, you will establish a marketing introduction plan that you will be able to utilize through the lifespan of your investment. SI Staffing franchise has estimated a cost that is associated with this portion of your investment to start implementing your targeted marketing campaign. Throughout that time, you will be receiving consistent feedback that we will be able to implement into your marketing plan.


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