A Look at the Staffing Industry and Why it’s on the Rise

If you’re an investor looking to expand your business portfolio with a potentially profitable business investment in an exciting market, the recruitment industry might just be your answer. SI Staffing is excited to announce that we have rolled out a staffing franchise investment opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded investors who have dreamed of owning a business. Read on and discover some exciting statistics surrounding the recruitment industry and how our turnkey investment model gives you a chance to get in the game!


Booming Industry Revenue

Investors who want to make a wise investment will take their due diligence to evaluate the industry and make sure the model is recession-proof. The truth is, businesses will always need temporary help due to the multitude of unforeseen circumstances that cause openings in the corporate world. Which is why we believe that there will never be a lack of demand for our staffing service in the growing recruitment industry. Research has shown that temporary employment agencies and office staffing businesses are projected to bring in an extraordinary $186 billion in 2019. That tantalizing number is accompanied by a five-year growth rate of 4.5% since 2014. It doesn’t take a financial whiz to see the potential in that evaluation of a recruitment industry on the cusp of even further growth!


Convenience of Consumer Communication That is Missing

If you’re wondering where the demand for this a staffing agencies service comes from, it’s a pretty simple concept to understand. Think of the days of sending countless applications to an assortment of different job sites, human resources departments, or company employment forums. Sometimes it can feel like you’re sending your resume to an unattended inbox, and it can grow to be incredibly frustrating. Recruitment franchises have identified and addressed that frustration and have brought a whole new meaning to the employment process. We build unique and real connections with the jobseekers we contact and try to help them find the quickest path to employment.


And the frustration isn’t limited to one side of the experience either. SI Staffing is there for the employers to find long-term or brief solutions to their employment needs as well. Our involvement spans across a variety of industries each with different roles to fill for our excited job seekers. As a matchmaker, we just have to connect them!


More Than an Investment  

Now let’s review the investment, so you can get a better understanding of the potential with the current state of the industry. Our investment is broken down into multiple layers, each of which you will have a chance to break down in our SI Staffing Franchise Disclosure Document. Here is a brief breakdown of a couple segments of our franchise investment model:


  • Franchise Fee: The initial fee is a one-time fee that comes out to a $35,000 initial payment. This fee is designed to cover the pricing of the initial/ongoing support, the onboarding process and much more.
  • Rent and Utilities: These payments will vary depending on your own unique location and situation — these payments will be made directly to your landlord or utility providers.
  • Pre-existing and Evolving Marketing Programs: Getting the word out about your new business is important to start growing your network and overall awareness. Our marketing programs will implement a targeted approach to creating awareness in order to find the best business through a variety of marketing channels. This cost starts around $5,000.


Would you like to learn more about this investment and the process of building a business in the recruitment industry? Contact us for more details!