Ways to Make Your Franchise Organization More Welcoming

If you want to create a welcoming company culture within your franchise, it is imperative to appreciate the value your workers bring to your company. To satisfy all employees, you must embrace diversity and increase inclusion initiatives for all employees at all levels of your company. To improve inclusiveness at your organization, here are ways to get going in the right direction.


It is vital that you develop and communicate workplace policies. Do not just say that your franchise will not discriminate. Develop a workplace culture where your employees will feel safe and welcomed. The diversity steps you take need to be positive and proactive. Start these initiatives before someone begins working for you. Make inclusion part of the company mission and communicate your commitment to inclusion regularly. Consider including:

  • Workplace policies that promote diversity
  • Diverse opportunities
  • Workplace management tools
  • Manager education
  • A mentorship program

Representation in Management

Inclusion at all levels is crucial for business success. If you want your team to know that they matter to your organization, your entire upper management team must be diverse. Bring everyone to the table. Let your management team be a reflection of the diversity within your company. The equal representation will send a message to your team members that they too can work their way up within your franchise.

Understand the Barriers to Inclusion

Understanding diversity and the barriers to it should begin with your hiring practices. Train your team members who conduct interviews and make hiring decisions to understand interview inequalities among different people. When you create your hiring process, be sure to include all aspects that make up a person, such as gender, race, age or disability. Put yourself in another person’s shoes and test to see how one can perceive specific questions.

Consider Your Team’s Needs

Is your company a welcoming place to a diverse workforce? Take into consideration how your benefits support your employees outside of your workplace. Have an employee with child care concerns? Consider the addition of a benefit that can ease that burden. Have a single parent with a tight schedule? Maybe it is time to develop flexible scheduling.

Enlarge Your Hiring Practices

Various cultures and age groups access their information in different ways. When you hire employees, it is essential to reach the employees where they are. Consider implementing a community outreach program to source talent from diverse areas. Social media, internet searches, and job fairs are excellent ways to target and reach different groups of people.

Diversity Training

For diversity initiatives to function correctly, your entire team must be on board. Reinforce policies and show that your company culture is reliant on the diversity of employees. Training that lets your team learn to interact better and find common ground is ideal, and it gives your crew the chance to discuss their concerns and share their successes.

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